The Premier League and BT launch disability sport initiative

BT and the Premier League have launched a three-year programme with the aim to create opportunities and inspire disabled people through sport. Funding will be provided to Premier League clubs to create more opportunities for disabled people across England and Wales.

The official launch was at the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park in London on 28th September. The home of the 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games and now of West Ham Football Club.

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The initiative aims to inspire disabled people to become more active as well as develop new skills and confidence. The programme which will be delivered by 22 clubs seeks to create possibilities for disabled people through sport helping to remove the barriers that mean that at present disabled people are half as likely to participate in sport as non-disabled people. Each club will employ a Disability Officer who is responsible for co-ordinating the programme and promoting inclusion.

Programme areas will include:

Sport: opportunities for disabled people to take part in physical activities.

Inclusion: ensuring staff make reasonable adjustments to make activities inclusive to all.

Engagement: ensuring disabled people have a positive experience of the programme.

Events: clubs will deliver activities to raise awareness of their work in this space. The Premier League and BT will organise a national event at the end of each season to give participants the opportunity to come together and mark their achievements.

For further information on this programme see the Premier League website

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