UK Coaching Week 2020

As part of UK Coaching Week 2020 (14th – 20th September), we are putting the spotlight on the coaches who are supporting one of our current events, the Virtual Challenge Series.

As part of this event, which CP Sport are running in parallel with LimbPower, participants are invited to attend free live workshops where expert coaches are providing support and advice on setting goals, and taking on different types of challenges.

There are 3 challenges, Distance, Time and Numbers each lasting a month and concluding in January 2021. Entries for challenge 2 and 3 are open and more detail can be found here. Participants do not have to take part in all 3 challenges so it is not too late to enter.

Paul Greenwood – Virtual Challenge Series coach

Paul is an ex Rugby League player, and has coached Frame Football, Race Running, and Athletics

He is a Talent Programme Manager for the Jersey Sport Foundation and is works with a squad of Performance Athletes (athlete services include S&C, Sports Nutrition, Psychology, Education & Lifestyle) across a wide range of sports who are all targeting National, European, World Championships including Commonwealth Games and Olympic/Paralympics.

Paul got involved in the VCS after attending the virtual cafes for all CP Sport coaches and volunteers where we outlined the plans for the event.

Paul recently hosted a workshop as part of Challenge 1, Distance and this is what he had to say on the experience,

“Its always the case that I get blown away by the sheer determination of the athletes whenever they set themselves a challenge. I work with young performance athletes on a daily basis and always stand up the enthusiasm and dedication that I see on the virtual coaching sessions as a benchmark to follow.

As a coach the questions presented on me from the VCS are always directly corresponding with the Athletes chosen challenge which shows that drive to want to find ways to improve performance or simply to be able to keep doing that challenge for longer.

Under current restrictions athletes are having to work independently but the VCS gives that opportunity to come together, share success stories but also pull together as a group to help individuals get through any particular challenge. I would highly recommend any VCS as a source of inspiration, sporting endeavour and most importantly a good bit of fun for an hour or two.”

Coaches are an important part of the CP Sport workforce all year round and all across the country. CP Sport COO said,

“Coaching Week is an important week for CP Sport to be involved with to highlight the ongoing work undertaken by coaches, not just at our events but also day to day in their local community.  Coaches provide the support, the guidance and expertise and they are an invaluable part of our workforce.  Coaches are so important in helping us provide great opportunities for people to try new sports or regular sessions at their local club.  It cannot be underestimated the role a coach plays in someone’s personal experience of sport and physical activity. 

Here at CP Sport we are committed to supporting coaches and their work and currently working towards providing support and opportunities for coaches interested in working with our community.  Our aspiration is that our coaches feel they are part of the team, they belong to our community and we are all working toward a shared aim.   

Thank you coaches for everything you do and the support you continue to provide to us and our community.”

CP Sport have also launched its Coach Membership. It is free for coaches to register and as a member, coaches will have access to courses and training plans from educational hub BelievePerform which can help their development and those they support.

Coaches who join CP Sport this week will get free access to the following BelievePerform courses:

How sport coaches can look after their mental health – This course has been designed to help improve coaches knowledge around mental health and to support them to apply practical strategies to enhance their psychological toolbox.·      

How to Effectively Set Goals – This training plan gives you a template to start setting great goals

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