Cerebral Palsy Sport sets sail with RYA

‘All aboard’ – the RYA and Cerebral Palsy Sport partnership

 The Royal Yachting Association (RYA) is one of Cerebral Palsy Sport’s many partners that provide something different to our core sports offer.

Currently the RYA have over 53000 children, young people and adults with disabilities introduced to sailing each year.

Cerebral Palsy Sport and the RYA are working in partnership to ensure that this number continues to grow and that there are more people with Cerebral palsy getting involved in the Sailability programme.

Sailing 2

Sailability can provide the opportunity to have a go in a Dinghy, Off-shore Yacht, Windsurfing or go down the river on a Narrowboat, this can be done with people or on your own. Every site is different therefore check out the ‘Where’s my Nearest’  by clicking here and select Sailability site to see what opportunities are on offer near you and what facilities they have.

No specific equipment is required however it is worthwhile checking with the sites before going, and  cost will vary dependent on activity chosen and where you are going, therefore check beforehand,

To get involved visit ‘Where’s my Nearest’ and select Sailability site to see what opportunities are in your area.