Cerebral Palsy Sport’s partner DM Orthotics assists future England CP Football Star

Cerebral Palsy Sport are working in partnership with DM Orthotics to increase the support and profile of specialist equipment often worn by people with cerebral palsy.

Bailey Fleming was born with Hemi-plegia on his right side. Like most boys, Bailey enjoyed playing football from a young age and has grown to become a very accomplished player, establishing his place in the England CP Football squad for the past 3 years. This achievement has seen Bailey acquire 4 official England Caps.

Bailey uses a special glove made from dynamic elastomeric fabric designed and created specifically for him by DM Orthotics, to help manage the cerebral palsy in his right arm and hand.

“I’ve been using DMO’s for about 10 years and have had 7 gloves through the years. The use of my DMO Glove has really helped me with my football. It really improves my balance and allows me more movement and to be more mobile. It gives me a lot of support when I’m running. It also gives me a lot of confidence on the pitch. In day to day use, the glove helps by supporting my hand – it makes simple tasks like picking things up a lot easier.

England’s Cerebral Palsy Football captain Jack Rutter as one of Baileys sporting heroes and he is focused on keeping his place in the England Senior Squad with ambitions of making the GB Paralympic Team.

For more information about DM Orthotics and their products email enquiries@dmorthotics.com or visit www.dmorthotics.com

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