Investigating the link between sport and employment for disabled people

Enei and Great Britain Wheelchair Rugby have joined forces with the Government’s Disability Confident team to undertake a ground breaking piece of research regarding the relationship between disability, participation in disability sport and employment.   This is an opportunity to contribute to research that could enhance the lives of those with disabilities.   The results of the research will be made public prior to the Paralympic Games 2016.

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This survey should take a maximum of ten minutes and, in order to best contribute to the research, survey takers will need to be as honest as possible. The questionnaire is completely confidential and accessible. The deadline for completion is Friday 22 July 2016. If you would like to complete this over the telephone please contact Becky Brooks as below.

Thank you for supporting this important piece of research.  If you have any questions please feel free to contact either Luke White of Great Britain Wheelchair Rugby ( 07478 730636) or ( 07967 529855).