Play with fellow footballers in Coventry

CP Sport are holding a cerebral palsy specific football event in Coventry on 6 October 2013. We would be delighted if you and your friends could join us.

The day is a two-hour Kick Start football event with local coaches who will provide regular football activity for children with cerebral palsy on a weekly basis. The session will provide opportunities for people with cerebral palsy aged between five and 16-years-old who would like to learn the skills of football or improve their game. We are able to facilitate players of all abilities and can cater for children who may use crutches, canes or walkers.

The event provides a great opportunity for children to meet others with cerebral palsy and who share a similar interest in sport. In addition, there may be a possibility of receiving a certificate at the end of the session.

Full details on the time and location are available here.

If you would like any further information or to register your interest in this event please contact the CP Sport office on 0115 9257 027 or email