Wheelpower Junior Games

Sue, Doug and Sarah attended the Wheelpower Junior Games at Stoke Mandeville from September 23rd – 26th to deliver polybat and table cricket.

It was a busy but exciting week with lots of great competition. Many children were playing polybat and table cricket for the very first time.

Sixty four children from fifteen schools took part in polybat, playing a round robin competition with quarter finals, semi finals and finals. The winners were Kian Conde (Commonweal), Arinze Oakfor (The Village), Lola Chappell (Bushey Meads) Nasir Mohammed (Village).

Sixty children from twelve schools took part in table cricket playing twenty-ball games in pools. Players who won the most games and gained the most runs were the winners.

Table Cricket winners were: Kian Conde (Commonweal), Lewis Hammans (Angmerring), Tom Truong (Victoria Education Centre), Jack Simmonds (Angmerring).

CP Sport staff were assisted by volunteers to deliver the competition and their help was very much appreciated.

Congratulations to everyone who took part!