CP Football Training Camp Announcement

CP Sport and the Football Association today agreed how 3 to 5 year old children with cerebral palsy can be introduced into CP Sport’s Football Development programme. CP Sport wanted to ensure that football multi-skills sessions for children under 5 years old could be delivered in a fun, safe and secure manner and in compliance with current safeguarding legislation.

We are delighted to announce that Mini CP Football Kick Start sessions will now join our CP Football Training Camp programme from November 17th 2013.

These sessions are aimed at the youngest of our attendees at the CP Sport Football Training Camps and cater for those children in attendance who are too young to participate in the main football components of activity. Instead the children receive a shorter fun and safe football based multi-skills session which focusses on the fundamentals of movement and the A,B,Cs (agility, balance and coordination) as appropriate for the children taking part. Parents are required to stay for the whole of these sessions.

Although this is not a full football session, CP Sport sees the introduction to sport and movement as a very important part of the development of children at all ages and it can also help the children to develop important movement and developmental skills which can only assist them as they progress and prepare for school life. The Training Camps are also give great social benefits for the children as they get to meet other children with cerebral palsy and build up new friendships in a new environment, as well as potentially preparing them to become our CP Sport football superstars of the future.

For further information please contact: Mark.dowling@cpsport.org