Cerebral Palsy Sport launch official Introduction to RaceRunning Resource

RaceRunning is a new sport in England and has been piloted over the last 18 months by Cerebral Palsy Sport. RaceRunning was developed for children, young people and adults who cannot functionally run and rely on support aids for mobility and balance. RaceRunning gives those who rely on these support aids with the opportunity to walk, run and race achieving their sporting potential.

A RaceRunner is a three wheeled frame, where the athlete is supported by a saddle and body plate. The athlete propels against the frame using their feet, and steers using the mobility within their hands and/or arms. RaceRunner come in different sizes and are adapted to best fit each individual.

Athletes can do this as a recreational activity, however, competition is available during athletics events in distances from 60m, 100m, 200m, 400m, 800m and 1500m depending on athlete’s e experience and level of fitness.

The purpose of the resource is to support clubs, coaches and volunteers to learn about RaceRunning, how the bikes are set up, the benefits of RaceRunning and who would attend as a RaceRunner along with some ideas of activities when working with athletes.

Cerebral Palsy Sport created the resource with funding from Sport England and with the kind support of physiotherapists, the frame manufacturer Quest 88, athletics coaches, Clinical specialists and RaceRunning athletes.

Ali Talbot, Chief Executive of Cerebral Palsy Sport said “We are delighted to launch our ‘Introduction to RaceRunning’ learning resource today. We hope that the resource is will provide much needed guidance to coaches, physiotherapists and parents to help get more people with cerebral palsy into the wonderful adapted sport of Racerunning”.

Sport England Director of Insight, Lisa O’Keefe, said: “Given the overwhelming benefits of being active, it’s important that age, gender or ability are never a  barrier. We are delighted to offer National Lottery funding to help Cerebral Palsy Sport deliver this valuable resource. I would encourage all sports clubs to learn more about RaceRunning and see if it’s something they could offer their members.”

Rob Henshaw, Managing Director of Quest 88 highlighted that “The Introduction to RaceRunning resource provides a great entry point for anyone looking to introduce RaceRunning as a sport, and need sound advice and a degree of orientation. All the bases are covered – from the origins of the sport; to physical benefits; to an overview of classifications and equipment. Quest 88 thoroughly recommends this guide”.

Ongoing support can be provided to clubs, groups who want to establish RaceRunning opportunities and this resource is the first phase of this. The resource costs £6 (including VAT) + postage and package.

For more details on RaceRunning and how to get our Brand new Resource please click here for more information

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