CP Sport KickStarts Frame Football in Jersey


JTC Jersey Wanderers coach, Paul Greenwood, organised the launch event on Saturday 29th October 2016 at Springfield Stadium alongside Sam Turner, National Football Development Officer for Cerebral Palsy Sport

Paul Greenwood first spotted Frame Football via twitter which led to a discussion with Cerebral Palsy National Development Officer Sam Turner.

“I spoke to Sam via email and he helped me establish this initiative. I’ve seen the benefits of these kind of initiatives, not only does it give children with mobility needs a chance to play, it also has huge social benefits in meeting and playing with like minded children in a truly inclusive environment. I am delighted that Sam is now travelling to Jersey for the launch event and also the support I have received from local parent Claire Steel in bringing it all together.”

The benefits of Frame Football are that it’s specific to the needs of those individuals and allows them to play the game of football properly, to make tackles, score goals, do all the things that we love about the game of football in an environment that’s positive and specific for them.

Richard Collinson of BBC Jersey Sport scene said:

“I must say, I was so impressed with what I was hearing up there at Springfield today. They’ve already fallen in love with it, because I was speaking to one of the young men who would be participating in this and he couldn’t stop talking to Brian and myself about Chelsea, he had his Chelsea shirt on and never stopped for a minute.”

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 Young Chelsea fan Louis spoke to ITV’s Hannah Bechelet about his first experience of Frame Football:

“It’s been really, really, really, really exciting.”

What was the most exciting bit? “The match. And when Sam said that we’re going to do a penalty shootout”

Claire Steel shared the perspective of a parent, speaking about the event and the importance of Frame Football to her daughter:

“She had such a good time and she was competing with children on a level playing field, and she was just one of the players. She wasn’t somebody who was invited out of sympathy or out of duty from the other players, she was really taking part.”

“Frame Football coming to Jersey is just really providing that opportunity for them to be part of a team and to be valued, to be independent and to just have fun, learning what it’s like to be part of team. It’s an important learning opportunity for them really.”


Paul Greenwood said,  “There is a need for myself and perhaps somebody else to go and learn a little bit more about the qualification we need to run these sessions, and it’s really important that if we’re going to do this, we do it right, that we have all the protocols in place.

Our aim is to run fortnightly sessions in Springfield Sports Hall. The staff at Springfield have been very generous and offered me the hall for free for this initial taster session but looking ahead I will need to explore funding opportunities to develop the Initiative and purchase more specialist sports frames for the children.”

Anyone wishing to attend the follow-on sessions should call Paul Greenwood on: pnjg.greenwood@gmail.com or 07797932449

Twitter: @JsyFrameFball

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