Disability Bowls August- Launched by new steering group

The Disability Steering Group marked their inaugural meeting by sanctioning a month long promotion of disability bowls. The group, made up of representatives from Disability Bowls England, Bowls Development Alliance, Bowls England, English Indoor Bowling Association and the English Federation for Disability Sport, was created to oversee the implementation of the strategic actions as listed in the forthcoming National Disability Strategic Action plan.

The month long promotion, entitled “Disability Bowls August”, will feature daily press releases that focus on a wide range of case studies, recommended information sources and event details as well as number of initiative launches. Paul Brown, acting chair of Disability Bowls England and Chair of the Disability Steering Group, stated “this is an exciting time for disability bowls in this country. Disability Bowls August will provide a fantastic opportunity to communicate a number of innovative plans relating to disability bowls as well as the opportunity to showcase the existing work of a number of fantastic clubs and organisations”

For further information please contact: Paul Humphreys, Development Manager, BDA

Email: paul@playbowls.org