The impact of RaceRunning

Cerebral Palsy Sport have had the opportunity to introduce many children, adults and coaches to RaceRunning, an increasingly popular sport.

RaceRunning is suitable for those who cannot functionally run and rely on sports aids for mobility and balance. The equipment is a three wheeled frame where the athlete is supported by a saddle and body plate. The athlete propels against the frame using their feet, and steers using the mobility within their hands and/or arms.

In 2014, Cerebral Palsy was successful in securing Sport England Get Equipped funding to purchase a number of RaceRunning bikes and to run a series of RaceRunning Taster Days. These taster days have led on to a number of children taking up RaceRunning regularly and taking part in competitions.

One case study we have chosen to highlight is a 6 year old boy called Abraham. RaceRunning has been a life changer for him and his family. His mum told us how Abraham can’t run fifty yards but  in the race runner for the first time he did over 400m! She tells us the benefits have been unbelievable. He has grown in confidence, is less frustrated, works hard on his physio and OT and is making huge progress at school. Read the full story about Abraham here

Our next RaceRunning taster session is on Saturday 28th January 2017 in Sheffield. There is also Frame Football on offer at this is event. Register here

To find out more about RaceRunning please click here or you can contact us at at CP Sport on 0115 925 7027 or email