We’re launching the Frame Football Development Group

Conf WidgetCerebral Palsy Sport developed the game of Frame Football. We wish to see it grow and many children with cerebral palsy and other physical disabilities playing Frame Football.

To help the sport grow we have brought together valued partners from across different fields to help the sport develop. These partners Quest 88, DM Orthotics, The Association of Paediatric Chartered Physiotherapists, community football clubs (Coudon Court) and the FA are all working together now in an agreed structure to develop the game with a the sole purpose of making sure there is opportunity to play. The group consists of physiotherapist, equipment and support aid providers, community members and the FA. The groups gives an holistic approach to developing the game which means we can support the physio that players receive, ensure current technology and equipment is  for the sport and ensure the message of frame football gets across the CP community.

Chaddy Park football twinsThe next meeting take place on the 24th November, we will keep you all updated with exciting developments and opportunities.

You can find out more about our Frame Football Programme by clicking here.