RaceRunning Development Camp & CPISRA International Cup cancelled

Today CP Sport received the following information from the Camp Organising Committee:

“The RaceRunning Development Camp & CPISRA International Cup – July 5th – 12th, 2020, and RaceRunning Coaching Course – July 4th – 8th, 2020, have been cancelled due to recent national developments regarding novel corona virus – COVID-19.

On Monday, April 6th, the Danish authorities prolonged its prohibition notice against larger assemblies until August 31st, 2020, consequently putting an end to the hopes of RaceRunning Development Camp & CPISRA International Cup 2020 and RaceRunning Coaching Course 2020 taking place this year. 

The Camp Organizing Committee are naturally deeply disappointed by having to cancel the events but also realize that worldwide public health and safety must come first. Nevertheless, the Camp Organizing Committee want to assure you all that they will use the coming months to further develop the camp-model and hopefully return with an even better version of the RaceRunning Development Camp & CPISRA International Cup in 2021. Therefore, we ask all of you to already now reserve the dates of July 6th – 13th, 2021, for the RaceRunning Development Camp & CPISRA International Cup 2021 as well as July 5th – 9th for the RaceRunning Coaching Course 2021. You will all receive the preliminary entry and more information about this during December 2020.

To those participants who have already made their final registration and payment for either of the two events, you will all receive a full refund of your individual participation fee within the coming weeks. In case that any problems arise with transferring your refund, we will contact you immediately.

Once again, The Camp Organizing Committee are deeply disappointed with having to deliver this news as we realize that for many of us, this week is the highlight of the year. However we hope to see all of you and many more in Frederiksberg next year for the RaceRunning Development Camp & CPISRA International Cup July 4th – 11th, 2021 and the RaceRunning Coaching Course July 3rd – 7th, 2021.”

RaceRunner Classification offered at CP Sport Training Day

RaceRunner classification will be offered for the first time in England at the Cerebral Palsy Training Camp on Sunday 8th October in Nottingham.


The term “classification”, refers to the process by which Athletes are assessed by reference to the impact of impairment on performance. It is intended to provide a framework for fair Competition and to ensure that competitive success is determined by the strategies, skills and talent of Athletes.

The purpose of classification is to ensure that sporting success is a result of Athlete’s training, skill level, talent and competitive experience rather than solely their degree of neurological function. Classification is undertaken to both ensure that a relevant level of neurological impairment is present in an Athlete, and that that impairment has a demonstrable impact upon sport performance.

Once classified athlete can compete with the appropriate categories and have their results officially recorded against all others who are classified within the sport.

National Classifications

All Athletes eligible to participate in CPISRA governed sports should receive an initial classification from their own National Federation. This opportunity at the training day will be the first time it will be provided in England.

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Details and registration forms for the Cerebral Palsy Training Camp can be found here