Paralympics GB Paralympian Sam Ruddock will be presenting with oneathlete at the Disability Sports Conference

Sam RuddockIn Paralympic sport, success often depends on an athletes’ ability to create body positions and movement patterns that allow them to execute sport specific techniques better than their competitors. If an athlete’s movement quality is improved the opportunity to maximise technical performance increases. Where an impairment such as cerebral palsy exists, achieving optimal movement patterns can become an even greater challenge for the athlete and their coach.


Building Elite Movement in an Athlete with Cerebral Palsy

Presented by oneathlete Lead Strength and Conditioning coach Tim Stevenson and Sam Ruddock, F35 Shot Put athlete, delegates will learn about how the pair work together to develop an innovative and progressive strength and conditioning training process which, led International Paralympic Committee classifiers to say ‘We have never seen a 35 move like you’!

The ‘Disability Sports Conference: Promoting Equality and Equity in Disability Sport’ is on the 12th – 13th August at the Nottingham Conference Centre.

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