Active Partnerships (formerly County Sports Partnerships)

Active Partnerships, formally know as County Sports Partnerships.

There are 43 Active Partnerships across England who work collaboratively with local partners to create the conditions for an active nation using the power of sport and physical activity to transform lives.

Active Partnerships are strategic organisations that recognise activity levels are affected by a complex system of influences and no single organisation or programme create sustainable change at scale. So by adopting a collaborative whole system approach, Active Partnerships seek to make active lifestyles the social norm for everyone and address the worrying levels of inactivity in society.

In particular, Active Partnerships focus their efforts on inactive people and under represented groups who will benefit the most from an active lifestyle.

A unique feature of the Active Partnerships is their independence, working across all sports, activities, providers and audiences, focused on the needs of their local communities.

Cerebral Palsy Sport works with a number of Active Partnerships to ensure that there are local, high quality opportunities for people with cerebral palsy and associated physical impairments to access sport and physical activity. Underpinning the work that Cerebral Palsy Sport undertakes with each Active Partnership is a action plan that outlines key objectives and outcomes.

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