#PartnershipsMatter ISF Project

#PartnershipsMatter ISF Project

Priorities for 2014 – 2017 NDSO Investment:

Cerebral Palsy Sport has secured project funding from Sport England’s Inclusive Sports Fund NDSO Investment funding for 2014 to 2017.

For the 2014 to 2017 NDSO Investment programme, Cerebral Palsy Sport is placing a fundamental importance on building new participation opportunities for people with cerebral palsy through innovative partnerships bringing new adapted forms of sporting activities to more people.

There is also continued focus on building and developing our partnerships as we could not have achieved all that we have without the partnerships we have created and hence the project title of #PartnershipsMatter.

Programme Area 1: Research and Insight

  • NDSO Collaborative Research agreed with 3 other NDSO’s to gain insight into the issues affecting the ‘transitional period’ from structured physical education to community sport participation for disabled young people aged 14 – 35 years.
  • CP Sport wish to develop and appoint a part time Participation and Information role to work to support the #PartnershipsMatter project work to provide insight for NBG’s, partners; CSP’s on the needs of people with cerebral palsy. This is due to the demand for information the organisation is experiencing following the first three years of investment.
  • Engage with key bodies such as Chartered Society of Physiotherapists (CSP); to gain insight into the needs of adults with CP who engage with physiotherapists and also insight into what information physiotherapists need.
  • CP Sport will also undertake research and insight development for frame football, Frame Running and table golf development to build the background knowledge to establish two new adapted sports for people with cp.

Programme Area 2: Engagement

  • County Sports Partnership Engagement
    • Strategically working with geographically targeted CSP’s to increase participation opportunities and awareness through formal agreements and action plans
  • Influence and Advocacy
    • Build strategic partnerships and represent the needs of people with cerebral palsy on key group such as NICE Cerebral Palsy Stakeholder Group and the CP Adult Research Interest Group to improve insight and understanding.
  • Engage with key third sector organisations to increase awareness and route of market for participation opportunities engagement.
  • Our priority on building sector knowledge on cerebral palsy is reflected in our Training for the Future plans. Through third party funding an impairment specific Cerebral Palsy Awareness training programme will be developed with a supported online programme and resource pack.
  • Building our volunteer engagement
    • As the organisation develops, it is crucial to develop the volunteer base and a three year plan is being built to increase volunteers numbers is a priority for CPS.

Programme Area 3: NGB and other organisations

The investment priority is to build new participation opportunities for people with cerebral palsy in partnership with our NGB partners.

  • Athletics opportunities development in Frame Running and coaching resources
  • Increasing Bowls Development opportunities in partnership with BDA
  • Strengthen the governance of table cricket and build community participation
  • Development of new participation opportunities for Frame Football
  • Development of SwimStart therapy participation programme
  • Development of new participation opportunities for Table Golf and supporting learning resources
  • Develop new opportunities for people with CP to play ambulant tennis.
  • Strategic support to 10 other or new NGB and Partner NGB’s
  • Staging of a National Disability Sports Equality and Equity in Disability Sport as part of World Games programme – funded by third party to provide NGB’s opportunity to share and disseminate best practise.

Programme Area 4: Marketing and Communications

  • Building on the investment benefits from 2011-2014, CP Sport will promote our message through a proactive programme of exhibition attendance and reach; collaborative marketing with partner NDSO’s and EFDS; website RSS feed development and focused refreshing of web content and social media platform development

CP Sport also aims to build the membership of the organisation by 40% through promotion and a new CRM system to improve communications; targeted marketing and consultation.

For further information, please contact Adi Fawcett, Chief Operating Officer via email at: adi.fawcett@cpsport.org