The Football Association

The FA are one of Cerebral Palsy Sports key partner National Governing Body. The FA govern all football across England engaging players at a grass roots level, providing the pathways for competition and talent.

The FA Group launched a new strategic plan, beginning in August 2016 and culminating in the landmark year of 2020 when Wembley Stadium will play host to the semi-finals and final of UEFA EURO 2020.

The Board and management team have considered the short and long-term goals of the business in order to support and grow the grassroots game while continuing to strive for success at the elite level with our 24 England teams.

By 2020, The FA will achieve:

– England men’s and women’s senior teams ready to win in 2022 and 2023

EDUCATION – A world-leading education programme for a diverse football workforce

FEMALE FOOTBALL – A doubling of the player base and fan following of female football

PARTICIPATION – Flexible, inclusive and accessible playing opportunities for everyone

DIGITAL ENGAGEMENT – Direct engagement with every fan, player and participant

 – Trusted regulation, efficient administration and world class competitions

 – Wembley Stadium and St. George’s Park as world leading inspirational venues

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