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The following information and activities were created and shared during the Coronvirus pandemic from March 2020 onwards specifically designed to support people to continue to be active and healthy at home. Scroll down for all the factsheets.

Cerebral Palsy Sport resources

Cerebral Palsy Sport has teamed up with personal trainer and nutritionist Catherine Lineker BSc (Hons) MSc to develop brand new content for keeping active and healthy at home. Catherine held a seminar at the CP Sport Athletics and Swimming training camp in October 2019 and we received lots of positive feedback after that day about Catherine’s insightful and valuable session. This advice will be ideal for our athletes in regular training but will also be applicable to families and every level of sport ability.

Downloadable resources


  1. Carbohydrates: Understand more about what carbohydrates are, how we digest them and how to use in relation to training.

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2. Oat breakfast ideas: Try these tasty alternatives to porridge.

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3. Cupboard recipes: A few recipes to try which all use things you might commonly find in your cupboard.

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4. Nutrition for Training and Competing: Pre and post event guidance

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  1. Five ways to help your shoulder mobility: even if you have limited equipment at home there’s plenty of things you can do to keep moving.

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2. Stretches and poses – These stretches and poses are about lengthening the muscles and the range of movement you have.

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3. Adapted wheelchair workout by Jamie Justice: Jamie is 10 and has cerebral palsy. He designed this workout for the Joe Wicks competition to design a workout that could be chosen for everyone to do. As a wheelchair user Jamie wanted to create a workout for wheelchair users that could be adapted for able bodied, rather than the other way around. The family put it online and had some really positive feedback.

Cerebral Palsy Sport were delighted to be asked to showcase it too.

Download the factsheet here:

More resources:

Sport England

Join the Movement is a new Sport England campaign, funded by The National Lottery, giving you the advice and tools you need to help you do this while the country deals with the coronavirus outbreak. Find all the information here

Sport England have also teamed up with the Youth Sport Trust and government to enlist 450 School Games Organisers to help deliver online activity programme.

The weekly programme will include a variety of activities, such as fitness exercises, personal challenges, online contests, problem solving games and activities which support physical competence – as well as mindfulness.

Check here for resources

Many organisations are providing free content for keeping active at home for example:

Activity Alliance

Activity Alliance is sharing the top ways to adapt activities so more people can stay in and work out. The STEP tool is one of the most effective ways to use household items to be active. STEP stands for Space, Task, Equipment and People. Find out more

Sport & Recreation Alliance

Government guidance information here

Ways to get involved

And if you’ve found a great way to keep active online, use the hashtag #StayInWorkOut on social media to share it with others.