Adapted Sports Programme

Cerebral Palsy Sport Adapted Sports Programme

Cerebral Palsy Sport is the leading National Disability Sport Charity for people with Cerebral Palsy and physical disabilities. The work that we do provides those with cerebral palsy with the opportunity to go on and achieve their sporting potential.


With over 15 years experience delivering sports and physical activity to children, young people and adults with cerebral palsy we have become ever more aware that there was a large number of people missing out on sports offered.

Cerebral Palsy Sport’s Adapted Sports programme has been developed to ‘Fill the gap’ where current sport provision provided does not meet the need of all people with cerebral palsy or physical disabilities.

Table Cricket was the first of our adapted sports. Here the game of cricket was moved on to a table top and allowed players with serve level of physical disability play in a fun, friendly and controlled environment whilst developing skills, knowledge and ability.

Over the last 18 months Cerebral Palsy Sport has lead the initial development of Frame Running and Frame Football.

Frame Running is an adapted version of running/ sprinting that allows those who need mobility aids to run using a Frame Running frame. The frame supports the body whilst the feet propel the athlete.


Frame Football allows players who need the support of a frame or crutches to play football on a level playing field where the frame is part of the equipment.


To ensure that the development of these sports happens in a sustainable way CP Sport has establish a development group for each.  These ensure a holistic approach to the development of the new adapted sport taking into consideration the needs and wants of the participants along with the coaches, parents and professionals such as physiotherapists. Support from the National Governing Bodies for each sport is provided to Cerebral Palsy Sport to raise the level of participation across the country.

The short term aim of the groups is to raise awareness of each sport and increase participation of the new pioneering forms of sport and develop resources and CPD that will allow this to happen in a safe, structured, high quality environment.

The long term aim of the groups is to build on the base of quality coaching at a grass roots level and develop an effective competition structure that athletes could go on to achieve their potential.

The first piece of work the group have been working on are the creation of CPD for each sport. we are pleased to be able to offer our new  ‘An Introduction to RaceRunning’ and ‘Frame Football – a new way to play the beautiful game’ resources have been developed to support clubs, coaches and school include these in their current offer.

To find out more or order your resource please visit or call 07955119018.