2019 Athletics Series Rules

Cerebral Palsy Sport’s Athletics Series events will be run under World Para Athletics (WPA) Rules and Regulations.  Please find a copy below;


Athletes must be aged 8 years or above to enter the Athletic Series events * (excluding Nationals).

For the National Athletics Championships in September  – athletes must be 11 years and above as of 31st December 2018.

*Athletes aged 8-11 yrs. can only enter the following events during the series:
Track – 60m, 100m and 200m – ambulant, wheelchair and RaceRunning
Field – howler and golf ball throws.

In regards to age group we use Cerebral Palsy International Sports and Recreation Association (CPISRA) guidelines, please see table below;

Junior Aged 18 or 19 on 31 December in competition year
Youth Aged 16 or 17 on 31 December in competition year
U16 Aged 14 or 15 on 31 December in competition year
U14 Aged 12 or 13 on 31 December in competition year
U12 Aged 10 or 11 on 31 December in competition year

The Athletics Series 2019 has been licensed as Level 1 competitions.

The National Championships has been licensed as a level 2 competition. For more details please read this statement: Cerebral Palsy Sports 2019 Athletics Series License Information (003)

Cerebral Palsy Sport’s 2019 Athletics Series competitions dates are detailed below:

Athletic Series 2019 Registration Form