Athletics Series 2017 Results

The results of Cerebral Palsy Sport’s 2017 Athletics Series competitions are detailed below:

Results from 2017 Athletics Series:

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Click here for the Yeovil Athletics series results- 2nd April 2017: Track and Field Results

Click here for the York  Athletics series results – 27th May 2017 : Track and Feild Results York 17

Click here for the Doncaster Athletics Series Results – 17th June 2017: Website results spreadsheet Doncaster 2017

Click here for the Stoke Mandeville Athletics Series Results – 8th July 2017:Track and Field Results Stoke Mandeville Athletics Series July 2017

Click Here for the National Athletics Championship Results – 23rd September 2017: 2017 2017 National Atheltic Field Results website   2017 National Atheltic Track Results website