If you have cerebral palsy and love to play football, come and join Cerebral Palsy Sport at one of our football events or take part in regular CP specific sessions in your local area.


Working with County Football Associations, County Sport Partnerships and local Charter Standard Football Clubs, Cerebral Palsy Sport have developed excellent partnerships in several regions across England and Wales, which will continue as the programme develops. Click here for further information on the regular sessions available.

Cerebral Palsy Football creates a fairer game of football for players with a physical disability. In the majority of cases the reason people do not play ambulant cerebral palsy football is because they can’t find enough players to make a team, and resort to pan disability football as the only other option. If you want to play grass roots cerebral palsy football, contact our charity and help us to build a larger pool of players and teams so that players can have more regular impairment specific football.

Cerebral Palsy Sport give players the opportunity to develop individual skills within a team environment, encased in an impairment specific competitive structure. Furthermore the football programme contributes to the development of the Football Association/England Cerebral Palsy Regional and National Squads, through talent identification and our goal is to sign post players to the performance pathway for talented performers, and also to provide participation opportunities for players of all abilities.


The Manchester United Foundation:

The Cerebral Palsy Sport football programme delivers its objectives through two different types of activities. These are Kickstart and Kick-Off events.

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Love football and want to get involved, then we have the following volunteering roles available:

  • Coaches.
  • Referees.
  • Event Support.
  • Developing Opportunities in own area.

If you are interested in helping Cerebral Palsy Sport at future football events then please contact Rich Kerr, telling us what volunteering role you are interested in and we will send you an application form through the post.