On this page you will find some general guidance that you can use when looking at the classification of players in the game of cerebral palsy football. Please feel free to share this document with your football coach, P.E. teacher, physiotherapist, occupational therapist or anyone else you think may benefit from this resource

Eligibility and Classification 

All interventions identified within the strategy will be underpinned by an FA Disability Eligibility and Classification Strategy and associated processes. This will ensure consistency within all identification and selection processes; thus protecting all players involved in programme activity. Specialist support across ophthalmology, audiology and physical elements of classification will tackle issues such as misinterpretation of eligibility information, deterioration of conditions and the impact of acquired disability. The scope for recruiting eligible players with potential for current and future cohorts within programmes will be extended. Most importantly, and in example scenarios such as deteriorating sight or hearing conditions or changing classification systems internationally, this work will inform key investment decision relating to both cohorts of players and individuals. Notably, decisions may be made to invest in and prepare players for elite performance who may not currently be eligible but will be at a later stage in their development. Scope to achieve this will be mapped and actioned against future tournament timelines.

Classification for players with neurological impairment is based upon what type of movement impairment the individual has and where the impairment is located (as indicated by the A, B and C profiles in the above image). Eligible classification outcomes range from FT1-FT3. FT1 players are considered to have more significant impairment and FT3 players have minimal impairment

For the Adult Football League we are using the previous F5-F8 Classifications

For further guidance and information on classification for ambulant cerebral palsy please visit the CP-ISRA website (Cerebral Palsy International Sports & Recreation Association).

Ambulant Cerebral Palsy Football Classification Guide

CPISRA’s Sports Guide 10th Edition contain all the current CPISRA Ambulant Cerebral Palsy Football Classification guide and can be downloaded by clicking the following link: