The CP Sport  KickStart programme has been introduced to develop new areas of sustainable CP specific football across the country.


Manchester Kickstart 2

The long term aim of the CP Sport KickStart programme is to provide CP specific football opportunities at the local level, in partnership with local clubs and organisations.

Supported nationally by the Football Association and Welsh Football Trust, along with a range of sports, disability authorities and other partners; we aim to provide a programme that provides opportunities for all.

What is a KickStart?

CP Sport, in partnership with local organisations, deliver a two to three hour session that gives players the opportunity to participate in local football as a first step into football or introduction to the new session. The Kickstart programme’s main objective is to build partnerships with local providers to ensure that sustainable sessions are provided to the players after the event has taken place.

CP Sport continue to support all hubs of activity, lending our expertise and knowledge to ensure the long term sustainability and success of the local sessions across the country.

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