Frame Football – Safety Considerations

Safety Considerations

An awareness of safety is paramount in all Frame Football coaching sessions and competitions, irrespective of whether there are players with a disability or not. Similarly all coaches need to be aware of any personal conditions, which may influence what is included in the session or how it is managed.

  • Knowledge of players with conditions such as epilepsy, asthma, diabetes, anaemia, hay fever and how they manage their conditions.
  • Factors relating to new or old injuries and fatigue, so you can recognise their effect when a player is taking part in Frame Football.
  • Number of players involved in a session and ages.
  • The weather and temperature, the need for fluid replacement.
  • Location of first aid equipment.
  • Specific hazards and safety precautions associated with football. For example dangerous tackles, incorrect heading of the ball.
  • Evacuation procedures due to emergencies (e.g. fire).
  • Type of equipment – possibly use a brighter coloured football or one which is lighter/softer when introducing new players or those with less power in kicking.
  • Important to have a contrast between the colour of the playing surface and pitch markings – a lot of lines in a sports hall may cause some confusion – use dark lines on a light coloured surface and dark coloured markers or cones.
  • If using training bibs be aware of the need for the right colour contrast. Check with players prior to commencing practice.
  • Eliminate noise distractions (e.g. when sharing a sports hall with another group of players in an adjoining area).
  • Do not leave equipment on the floor where it can be a hazard.
  • Ensure players know where the boundary ropes or cones are situated by allowing time for orientation.
  • Ensure players are familiar with other parts of the facility (e.g. toilets).
  • Need extra safety considerations for emergency evacuation as well as for access (e.g. there should be visual warnings as well as auditory ones for fire or other evacuations).

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