Frame Football – The Step Principle

Using the STEP principle

Space – Altering the space in which activity is taking place can help to change the focus of the session, or to make things easier or more challenging. Space can be altered in size bigger or smaller), shape (e.g. square, circle) or the use of space (end zones, channels).

Task – Taking part in the same activity, players can be given individual challenges to support or challenge as necessary. Working on dribbling skills, one player could be moving slowly with the ball developing their ball familiarisation, whilst another player could be challenged to use a specific surface on the foot for greater speed.

Equipment – Use of different equipment can help support players or give them a greater challenge. The size, weight and type of football can be varied, along with the use of cones to create a variety of tasks and challenges for players.

People – It is recommended that activity within Frame Football is always small-sided to give the maximum opportunity for players to be engaged and involved. Amending the roles given to players, the number in each team or their role within the activity will help change the challenge to players.


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