Benefits of RaceRunning

There are a large number of benefits from taking part in RaceRunning and below we have highlighted the key benefits of RaceRunning in terms of technical and, psychological, social and physical benefits athletes will experience.

Technical Benefits

  • RaceRunning bikes provide athletes with support that allows participants to run when otherwise they wold be unable to do so.
  • Due to the support the bike provides it decreases the weight-bearing on their legs which reduces the pressure on the legs allow them to move more freely.
  • Practise will improve balance and coordination due to the different motions used whilst on the bike.
  • The support and design allows a much better and improved range of movement and joint flexibility that otherwise would not be achieved.
  • Due to the very physical nature of RaceRunning it dramatically improved cardiovascular health as well as improving strength, flexibility and balance. This also makes it easier to improve weight management.


Psychological Benefits

  • Taking part in regular physical activities improved well-being and self esteem.
  • Regular physical activity can help keep your thinking, learning, and judgment skills sharp. It can also reduce the risk of depression and may help with sleep.
  • Enjoyment – the feel good factor of taking part in physical activity.
  • Being part of a club or group session allows participants to make new friends, feel self-worth and increased confidence which will improve their quality of life.
  • In some cases the bike allows for increased independence, something athletes may not have experienced before.

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Social Benefits

  • Attending a group activity is a great way to meet new friends who have a common interest in RaceRunning.
  • Having the opportunity to take part in regular physical activity and doing something fun will have a positive impact on the health and wellbeing of athletes.
  • The RaceRunning bike can open many opportunities for ‘getting out and about’ where previous accessibility has been limited.
  • Increased fitness and strength will improve the ability to complete day to day tasks.

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Physical Benefits

  • By taking part in RaceRunning, the participants will be learning new skills and improving current ones.
  • The RaceRunning bike allows the participant to focus on specific movements of different parts of the body, allowing a running movement to be possible which in turn will help to improve muscle tone and strength.

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