CPISRA RaceRunning Committee

CPISRA RaceRunning Committee

The CPISRA RaceRunning Committee comprises of member countries with a wish to develop the participation of RaceRunning across the world.

It has developed a three year Development Plan which can be viewed here: RaceRunning Development Plan 2019-2022

It is also overseeing the transition plan of RaceRunning between CPISRA and World Para Athletics.

For those countries currently active in RaceRunning please find listed below the CPISRA RaceRunning Committee member responsible for liaising with you. This person will be your key contact and also the member responsible for Committee communication to your country. All other countries please contact Craig Carscadden.

Ali Talbot – England,Wales and Ireland

Ana Ceclia Frazao – Brazil, USA, Mexico

Craig Carscadden – Chair of Committee, Australia

Cristina Marques – Portugal, Spain

Harry Jan Keizer – Netherlands

Mansoor Siddiqi – Denmark, Singapore, Russia, Faroe Islands, Lithuania

Janice Eaglesham – Scotland

Vicki Skure-Eriksson – Sweden, Hungary, Finland, Norway


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