Table Cricket Activators Course

The Table Cricket Leaders’ Course provides individuals involved with disability sport at a school/community level with knowledge and basic understanding of Table Cricket and how they can introduce it to their group.

Course Target:
The Table Cricket Leaders’ Course is specifically aimed at coaches, teachers and young leaders (e.g. those involved with schools, clubs, events, local authority youth games, individuals and staff of residential homes, etc.).

Course Aim:
To pass on relevant information relating to Table Cricket, and provide a basic understanding of the sport and how it can be introduced in to a new group.

Course Duration:
3-4 hours

Course Deliverables:
1. Introduce and teach the game of Table Cricket and develop an understanding for the basic rules.
2. Understand the potential problems that may arise prior to the game taking place (e.g. table calibration).
3. Be aware of the specific needs and requirements of all players.
4. Teach basic skill practices to players.
5. Have an understanding of the existing competitive structures to enable individuals to progress in the sport.
6. Provide a good understanding of how the game is officiated and scored.
7. A good knowledge of the Table Cricket Development Programme.

Course Fee:
The course fee is £250, plus tutor travel at 45p per mile or standard class rail fare and accommodation if required.

Course Provision:
The Table Cricket Development Programme (CP Sport) will provide: tutor, delegate workbooks, Table Cricket manual and other resources and certification. The booking of an appropriate venue and the enrolment of delegates (between 10 and 20 delegates is a desirable number) is the responsibility of the organiser of the course.

If you are interested in booking a Table Cricket Activators Course please contact