The National Table Cricket Community League

Table Cricket 2013 Winners

Our project is funded by Sport England’s Inclusive Sport Fund. Our offer is focused around the workforce development, training up key people to develop Table Cricket opportunities within their communities. The aim will be develop Table Cricket activity in various settings such as community centres, day cares as well as working closely with schools to provide more people accessing regular Table Cricket opportunities.

The Table Cricket leagues provide a competition element for players. The main criteria for a league to run successfully is to have 4 teams with squads of 10 players each who play each other a minimum of twice each (although this can be higher if required), to then provide a league winner to go on to represent the league at national level. Each team registered to the league needs to pay a £50 registration fee for the season (this includes those teams who took part in TCCL previously). Leagues can be made up of mixture of community groups from day centres, residential homes, after school clubs or local clubs and can run to suit the requirements of the local organisations and player involved. This also goes for the matches that can be played across a period of time regular activity or on one-off festivals or competition. The more partners you have involved locally the better the league will run and sustain the activity.

For more information on your local leagues please contact