Tutors & Coaching Courses

General Procedures

  • Contact CP Sport confirming need and arrangements of Table Cricket course (form available online).
  • Inform CP Sport of location of course and venue.
  • Provide details on numbers of resources required (i.e. booklets, manuals etc.) and delivery address.
  • Please refer to checklist (below and in tutor’s resource pack) for arrangements.
  • Post-course evaluation form to be completed by all delegates (compulsory in order for delegates to receive certification).
  • Evaluation forms to be sent to National Development Officer (certificates will then be sent out to delegates).
  • Tutors will be issued with Table Cricket kit (if available) on booking of their first course; however this is only loaned to the tutor and will be recalled by CP Sport if tutor is inactive.
  • To remain active the tutor is required to complete two courses per year.

Tutor Checklist for Preparing and Running a Table Cricket Course

To do before the day (confirm who will do each task)

  • Confirmation to venue, including refreshments, equipment and table tennis tables as required.
  • Confirmation letter to local Cricket Development Officers to inform them of the course.
  • Write to participating students/teachers/coaches to confirm arrangements, including map of venue.
  • Tutor to request Table Cricket manuals for all attendees.
  • Prepare participants’ self-evaluation forms.
  • Local press release and VIP invites (e.g. The Lord’s Taverners).
  • Check all equipment for day: score sheet, tape for tables, etc.
  • Ensure that resource booklets have been received.

To do on the day (confirm who will do each task)

  • Arrive early and meet with local contact.
  • Carry out Health and Safety check, evacuation and emergency procedures.
  • Set up room and tables.
  • Give out information about equipment for tutors (TC Manual).
  • Ensure refreshments and equipment are all available.
  • Ensure registers are completed and name labels issued.
  • Collate Course Evaluation Forms.
  • Complete Self-Evaluation Forms (H5) and return to CP Sport with register and Registration Forms.
  • Exit/follow next steps.

To do after the day

  • Send out course certificate (TC NDO to complete).
  • Send out post-course information (TC NDO to complete).
  • Send out thank you letter to all on the course (TC NDO to complete).