Adrienne – My Fundraising Story

Adrienne ran the London Marathon for Cerebral Palsy Sport in 2017.

Here is her story:

“Running in the London Marathon this year was such an emotional and personal experience for me.

I have run 5 marathons to date with 3 of them being London. The reason I chose CP Sport this year is because of a very special little boy in my family named Ollie Loughran.

Ollie was born with cerebral palsy, but this has never stopped him from participating in his favourite sports , especially football.


Adrienne Williamson 2 IMG_0395

A few months ago, Ollie went through major surgery on his quads, calves and hamstrings to release tension from them and a metal plate was inserted into his knee .

Ollie kept me going through the last few miles of the marathon when things got tough, he inspired me to carry on to the finish line.

My thoughts throughout the race were,if Ollie can go through all this treatment and still be smiling and happy then the least I could do is complete the marathon.

I raised £450 for CP Sport, so many thanks to all that sponsored me for this very amazing charity. ”

Adrienne Williamson IMG_0395 Well done Adrienne and thank you for your amazing support!