Aidan – My Marathon Fundraising Story

Aidan has cerebral palsy and we are delighted that he is spearheading our 2019 Team CP Sport London Marathon Runners team. We are so pleased that he has chosen Cerebral Palsy Sport to support with his marathon challenge as our charity has supported Aidan when he took up CP Football.

We caught up with Aidan in between his training to talk to him about why he is taking on the challenges of the streets of London for his marathon challenge.

Why do you want to run the London Marathon?

“I want to run the London Marathon as it will be the biggest challenge I have ever undertaken having played football at a high level and had a number of serious operations as a result of my CP. I want to show people that just because you have CP you shouldn’t use that as an excuse and anything is possible if you are committed and determined. I have never seen my disability as a hindrance, I see it more as an excuse to show off what the human body can do with a condition like CP.

I would also like to show children with CP that you can be the same as anyone else as I looked up to a number of CP footballers when I was younger and now if I could be that role model that would be amazing. The London marathon is the greatest race in the world and to say that I have run it for a charity that helped me get into sport from such a young age and to give something back to them would be phenomenal “.

What does supporting Cerebral Palsy Sport mean to you?

“Cerebral Palsy Sport is a charity that is very close to my heart as they introduced me to 7 aside football when I was around 8 or 9 and I haven’t stopped playing since, working my way up from a Sunday morning session to an FA Centre of Excellence on to playing for Tottenham  Hotspur and England Development. My love of sport is down to them and through this I have developed friendships that I will keep for a lifetime. By raising money for CP Sport I hope I can provide a child or young person the same journey through sport that I have and inspire them to go on and find a sport that they enjoy, make friendships and hopefully go on and represent their country in.”

Why have you chosen Cerebral Palsy Sport to run for?

I have chosen to run for CP Sport as like I have previously mentioned, my love of sport is down to them and they are one of the main reasons I have been able to go on and achieve what I have. So to be able to give something back to them but setting myself a challenge as big as the marathon would be great. Hopefully the money that I raise can help start a number of young peoples journey into the world of sport.

Aidan Cosgrave Run

How is the training going and what are you enjoying the most?

“My train is going well so far I have completed 2 10k’s and a Half Marathon which has got me hooked for more. I have got another half marathon coming up soon and am on my 3rd week of the 16-week marathon training plan. I have developed a real love for running and pushing myself mile after mile forgetting about the pain and seeing what my body is capable of, this has just got me more excited for April and the marathon.”

What time do you hope to achieve for the London Marathon?

“I am hoping to get around the 5hr mark, having run a half marathon in 2hr’s 15 in October, with less training so I am hoping i can finish in that time.”

What do you believe to be the biggest challenges/highlights in undertaking this challenge

“The biggest challenge is seeing what I am capable of and how far I can push my body. 26 miles is a long way and to say I have completed it would be amazing.  I am looking forward to the atmosphere and the excitement before the race, as well as the crowds and running past some of London’s more iconic landmarks “.

February 2019 Update from Aidan

Aidan undertook a Half Marathon in the Olympic Park on February 10th and managed to run a personal best for his half marathon. Well done Aidan.

Aidan Cosgrave Run 2


April 9th 2019 Blog Update

Aidan hosted a fundraiser last night as part of his 2019 London Marathon fundraising and a good time was had by all! Thank you to Aidan and for everyone who donated last night.

April 10th 2019 Update

As Aidan’s marathon training has really hit flow, Aidan shared some news of other things he has been getting up to as a result of preparing for the 2019 VirginMoney London Marathon.

Aidan works for the charity arm of Southend United Football club and as a result of this they wanted him to speak to a number of kids on what it is like to have a disability and disability sport. Aidan also shared what it is like to deal with setbacks and how to be resilient, as well as not be embarrassed  as well as training for the marathon. We are very proud of him for spreading the word of CP Sport with just a few weeks away from the marathon. 

Thank you Aidan!


We are delighted that Aidan completed the 2019 London Marathon in a time of  hour 42 minutes 48 seconds. A massive well done Aidan from all the Cerebral Palsy Sport Team!

If you wish to keep supporting Aidan by donating to his Marathon Challenge – please visit: 


Image courtesy of John Cosgrave