Andy – My Marathon Fundraising Story

Andy has always wanted to run the London Marathon and in 2019 he will get the chance as he joins our 2019 Team CP Sport London Marathon Runners. We are delighted that he has chosen Cerebral Palsy Sport to support with his marathon challenge and we caught up with him in between his training to talk to him about why he is taking on the challenges of one of the world’s largest marathons in London.

Andy Barry LM2019 - 2

Why do you want to run the London Marathon?

Like all of life’s best decisions, I decided to take part in the London Marathon at the pub. A friend had just completed the 2018 London Marathon and a quick round the table showed I was the only person not to have run a marathon

What does supporting Cerebral Palsy Sport mean to you?

I’ve decided to run for Cerebral Palsy Sport, a charity that is close to my heart. As a keen sportsman playing sport is an important part of my life. However, for people with Cerebral Palsy access to playing sport can be restricted or difficult.

It is important to me to support Cerebral Palsy Sport to help them continue with their mission, allowing people with Cerebral Palsy to experience all the benefits of playing sport that may otherwise not be possible.

Why have you chosen Cerebral Palsy Sport to run for?

My sister was born with Cerebral Palsy, and she has greatly benefitted from being able to play sport, particularly cricket. It has allowed her to feel like I do playing sport, the thrill of winning, despair of losing, but most importantly being able to take part and make new friends through it.

How is the training going and what are you enjoying the most?

Despite playing lots football and tennis, I have never done any long distance running. In fact the last time I covered more than a few hundred metres in one go was probably a Sport Day in 2003! Despite this training has started well and running home from work definitely beats a ride on the cramped and sweaty Northern Line.

What time do you hope to achieve for the London Marathon?

As I said I have never done any long distance running before, but I am committed to my training plan and am hoping for a time of between 4 and 4.5 hours.

What do you believe to be the biggest challenges/highlights in undertaking this challenge?

The biggest challenge is certainly the 26.2 miles, or maybe the early morning winter runs. The highlight will be the day itself, I am looking forward to getting onto the track and being cheered on by my friends and family (and maybe the first beer after the finish line).


We are delighted that Andy completed his first Marathon is an great time of  4 hours 6 minutes and 24 seconds. Congratulatios and thank you from all the team at Cerebral Palsy Sport

Can can continue to support Andy – please visit his fundraising page and donate here