Jasper – My Fundraising Story

Jasper is a young man with cerebral palsy but he doesn’t let his disability hold him back.

Jasper decided that he wanted to do some fundraising as he was involved with a Life Skills challenge at his school. One of the choice of challenges was to raise money for a charity. Having Cerebral Palsy and loving sport, he felt that Cerebral Palsy Sport was a natural choice. 

Jasper tells us that he is very competitive so he didn’t want to do something simple but an activity that pushed him and would raise lots of funds. His Mum suggested climbing Mount Snowdon, thinking he would say no as he hates walking the dog! He immediately loved the idea.

jasper with his sister and Mum

Jasper’s family also took part in the climb so he was supported by his Mum, Dad and sister.

Jasper prepared for the epic challenge of climbing Mount Snowden with only a couple of long family walks. As a consequence the climb was a real challenge. Jasper’s Mum reflects that they “all underestimated it!” and she shared a little of the experience too:

“We had planned to go up the shortest but steepest route and back down a similar way. However, Jasper (and me) were so weak once we reached the summit that we had to go back down the longest but least steep route. So we really did it all the wrong way round. Jasper was sick at the summit with exhaustion but was a real trooper on the descent. 

Jasper at the summit of Mount Snowden

He managed amazingly well and the walking sticks helped with his stability. He was such an inspiration and encouraged me all the way up…helping me find footholds in rocks when it got steep and always checking I was OK. I think I was a hindrance.”

A very tired Jasper on Snowden

When the going got tough for Jasper at one point, his reminded him of the cause he was raising funds for – Cerebral Palsy Sport and he stepped it up.

Jasper and his Dad

Jasper also has some brilliant advice for anyone who is thinking of taking on such a challenge:

“to go up the long less steep route and down the short steep route… the other way round to us! Make sure you eat lots of snacks on the walk. I didn’t and was sick when I was so exhausted at the summit as Mum and Dad had fed me a bag of Chocolate Freddo Frogs! We were so focused on reaching the summit that we didn’t take enough breaks.”

Jasper also advises to “leave early too and have walking sticks. Also, rent a cottage with a hot tub which was lovely at the end of the day! Oh, and make sure your Parents or co walkers are fit and not a hindrance like my Mum!”

Jasper lives for football and is captain and goalie of his local team. Being in goal there is less emphasis on his mobility so he is able to participate fully. He therefore is enthusiastic about Cerebral Palsy Sport promoting sport for people with the same condition, especially those with more severe CP. He hopes that his support will help other children to access sport.

Jasper plans on another challenge next year…maybe Ben Nevis! 

Congratulations to Jasper and all his family for an incredible effort and we can’t wait to hear about his net challenge. #CPCan