Jesse – My Marathon Fundraising Story

Jesse has always wanted to take on the challenge of the London Marathon and this year he gets here chance whilst supporting Cerebral Palsy Sport to make a difference to people with Cerebral Palsy through sport. We caught up with Jesse as he prepares for the big day.

Why do you want to run the London Marathon?

I want to run the London Marathon for two reasons, the most principle being I have a teenage sister with Cerebral Palsy. This has impacted me and my family in such a way that it feels extremely rewarding to be given the opportunity to raise money and support other kids like Eliza reach their full potential in sport.

Secondly it is a massive challenge to train your body to run 26 miles, something that requires serious dedication that I didn’t think I had! Watching my now girlfriend run it last year was such an incredible thing to watch and I thought to myself, I want a piece of that action, so a year later here I am and I can’t wait to get on the road in a few weeks!

What does supporting Cerebral Palsy Sport mean to you?

CP Sport means a lot to me because I have seen first-hand the effect of support that this charity gives to kids, the support that makes kids with CP feel like they are a normal kid, no different to anyone else and that they can participate in sports, they can run around and get their hands dirty. I am honoured to raise money for this charity so that I can help in some way put a smile on someone else’s face.

How is the training going and what are you enjoying the most?

Training is going great! I’ve just been on holiday on Japan and had to run my longest run so far (19 miles!) round an ancient Japanese palace – definitely the highlight of my training so far! The feeling of running and being active like i never have before has been very rewarding, and has changed my lifestyle for the better, I want to exercise and keep fit every week from here onwards.

What time do you hope to achieve for the London Marathon?

I would love to run it in 3hr 45 if the weather on the day is a bit more forgiving than last years – under 4 hours would be amazing too!

What do you believe to be the biggest challenges/highlights in undertaking this challenge?

It has been quite the uphill struggle (pardon the pun) juggling running 4 times a week with an extremely busy job. That has been the hardest part, and the guilt that sets in when you haven’t run all week after being particularly busy. However that has been outweighed by the satisfaction that you feel after those very long runs, you feel as if you have climbed a small mountain in day. The post run endorphins are incredible and that feeling of ecstasy is truly great,. It’s simply a fantastic endeavour and challenge and I would thoroughly recommend it to anyone that is vaguely interested in running!

Jesse in training for the 2019 VirginMoney London Marathon.


We are delighted that Jesse completed his first London Marathon in a brilliant time of 4 hours 12 minutes and 48 seconds. Well done and congratulations from all the Cerebral Palsy Sport team.

You can still support Jesse by donating to his Marathon Challenge – please visit:

Thank you for supporting Cerebral Palsy Sport