Jordan – My Marathon Fundraising Story

My story

Hi Everyone,

 I was born premature and had a complicated delivery that in turn damaged my brain resulting in me having Cerebral Palsy.

Growing up I have had to face so many challenges, not being able to crawl, delayed walking, problems with my speech and eyesight all due to the left side of my body being effected and so much weaker than my right side. My journey through school was a continuous struggle being faced with bullies and the pressure of daily school life. I left main stream school to attend a school that catered more for my academic needs and taught me many life skills that I would come to appreciate more once leaving school and further education.

Day to day tasks that many take for granted are a daily struggle for me. For example locking a door with a key and tying shoelaces with a weak left hand is just a nightmare. My escape from daily life and pressures was to play football, football was my life, football was my world. Once starting work due to shift patterns I was unable to continue with my love of football as training times just didn’t match. Running became my new love, it could fit in around my work schedules and was my escape from all the challenges that I face hour after hour, running gave me a new focus in life. 

To challenge myself I signed up for a 10k organised run/event. To run alongside hundreds of people and be treated as an equal, to have the same end goal as everyone to just cross the finish line is an amazing feeling, the feeling of belonging, the feeling of not being singled out. The whole experience gave me the bug to run more and attend more organised runs/events. I have over time progressed to run several half marathons. 

Last year (2019) I volunteered at The London Marathon. I greeted runners at the finish line who was running for Children with Cancer UK. What an amazing and emotional experience to see people so determined and focused. This gave me a new goal, to train, run and finish the London Marathon 2020.

With thanks to Cerebral Palsy Sport for giving me a place to run and fundraise for them I have been granted the first part of my challenge. For my challenge to continue I am raising a minimum of £1250. I am grateful for anyone who can sponsor me to help me on my journey.

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