Kirsty – My Marathon Fundraising Story

Kirsty is part of our incredible 2020 Team CP Sport taking on the challenge of the VirginMoney London Marathon. Because of Covid -19, the event was postponed to October 2020 and in a virtual format.

We caught up with Kirsty to find out more about why she is supporting Cerebral Palsy Sport by running the 2020 London Marathon for us.

About me

I am a busy mum of 3 children and I’m currently studying a ‘Sport and PE’ degree which I will soon be starting my final year of

I also work in my local pub which I really enjoy too. My biggest passion is to travel and experience new places and make lasting memories.

Why do you want to run the London Marathon 2020?

I believe that anyone can do anything if they put their mind to it. I love working towards a challenge- this is a massive challenge for myself but also one to tick off the bucket list!

I have always been so inspired by people that have completed a marathon, I never ever considered myself as being capable of doing this and I still have my doubts, but I am willing to give it my best shot!

What does supporting Cerebral Palsy Sport mean to you?

To run supporting Cerebral Palsy Sport means so much more than just running a marathon- to see how they help and support children to achieve what they didn’t think they could achieve is amazing to be a part of.

To be representing a great charity that does so much to support people with Cerebral Palsy makes me so proud.

Why have you chosen Cerebral Palsy Sport to run for?

My 4-year-old niece has Cerebral Palsy and to just see what she has achieved in the last 4 years is just incredible to see. She has a twin sister and many cousins around her age yet she won’t let it stop her from doing anything that they can. 

How is the training going and what are you enjoying the most?

I started training for the event in September 2019 with a local running group on a program called ‘Zero to Hero’ which is basically a beginner who can run 5k to train them to marathon distance. However after 2 half marathons in my training the last being in February 2020 I injured my ankle and then the Marathon was postponed to October 2020.

I then decided to defer my place to 2021 as I wanted to be able to experience the whole London marathon experience with the crowds and support and everything that I had signed up for.

So then with lockdown upon us, I rested my ankle and just tried to keep walking but didn’t continued running as in my head I had time to have a break before I started my training again.

Then I received an email on the 12th August from the London Marathon organisers offering me the opportunity to run the virtual race on October 4th 2020. I decided I had nothing to lose and this was the perfect opportunity to get me back out there running again.

What part of the training are you finding the hardest?

Getting out running when it’s freezing cold and I’m tired and feel I haven’t got it in me.

How are your virtual plans going?

I feel nervous but also excited and the support I have had from people I know offering to run part of it with me is just heartwarming.

I am still deciding on my exact route but their is a half marathon event in my home town of Milton Keynes on the same day so I am considering adding that into my plan and the other half I can workaround that.


Kirsty started her fundraising for us by doing a Halloween bake sale in 2019 and getting her employers behind her too. Thank you to Next for supporting Kirsty and our charity!

Good luck Kirsty with the event and thank you for supporting Team CP Sport.

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