Linzi – My Fundraising Story

Inspired by April…

Linzi Brailsford“The reason I chose Cerebral Palsy Sport is because they are such an amazing charity and give all children with disabilities a chance to do what we all take for granted every day; walk, run, partake in games and feel a sense of achievement.

April my daughter was born in 2011 eight weeks premature. She spent 5 weeks in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit fighting for her life. When we finally got to bring her home doctors told us the devastating news that she had suffered brain damage to both sides of the brain and may never walk, talk, hear or see – but to be honest I didn’t care I just wanted my baby to come home.

Two years later April was diagnosed with cerebral palsy. April has been through so many operations, and intensive physiotherapy the list is endless and she still has more to come but despite it all I’m proud to say she can talk, and she walks with splints and a frame when needed. We have a long journey ahead of us but I know she will keep amazing me because she’s a fighter.

I am running Run to the Beat for children like April to give them a chance to  have an opportunity to not only get involved with sporting activities, but to be given the chance to experience what all children feel, that despite a disability you too can achieve your goals and your dreams …. April is my inspiration she has been through so much already and every day she has to work so much harder both physically and mentally than most. If she can do it, what is a 10k run for me? Although I have never ran in my life and used to hide in the bushes at cross country until everyone had passed!” – Linzi Brailsford