Matt – My Marathon Fundraising Story

Matt is running the Virgin Money London Marathon in October & raising money for CP Sport. Matt wanted to support our charity after his daughter Ava was diagnosed aged 10 months.

In October 2018 everything changed for my wife and I.

Our 10 month old daughter Ava was diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy after suffering a stroke before she was born. It felt like our world had been shattered. To hear the news that your child has suffered a severe stroke and has significant brain damage cannot be put in to words. Processing this was tough, and still is. There were so many questions. So many uncertainties and there still are.

We had noticed some developmental issues with Ava’s right arm/hand from the early age of 3 months and this is what prompted an investigation leading to the eventual diagnosis following various tests and an MRI scan. Having to put your 9 month old daughter under a general anaesthetic to undergo a brain scan is one of the toughest things we’ve had to decide as parents.

Thank you so much Matt, good luck with your training

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