Mo – My Fundraising Story

Mo is the mother of a young man with cerebral palsy and has disabilities herself. She took up RaceRunning to help her become more active and now she will be the first RaceRunner to take on the Manchester Half Marathon in May 2019. Mo took some time out of her busy life to tell us why she wanted to support Cerebral Palsy Sport.

Why do you want to run the Manchester Half Marathon?

I started RaceRunning in January 2018. Before that I didn’t participate in sport at all, as a powerchair user it’s difficult to find activities I can do to keep fit. I have found RaceRunning a great way to keep fit and I have challenged myself to run progressively longer distances.

RaceRunning is still relatively new so, I hope running both the Great Manchester Run half marathon and the Manchester Half Marathon will help raise awareness of the sport, as well as funds for Cerebral Palsy Sport.

What does supporting Cerebral Palsy Sport mean to you?

It means alot as I’m raising money to give other disabled people the chance to get involved in sport.

Why have you chosen Cerebral Palsy Sport to run for?

My son, Dan, has hemiplegia CP. He got into athletics through City of York AC and Cerebral Palsy Sport gave him the chance to train and compete alongside other CP athletes.

I first saw RaceRunning at a Cerebral Palsy Sport athletics event when I was there to watch my son compete. I tried RaceRunning for the first time at a CP Sport taster event and I loved it!

How is the training going and what are you enjoying the most?

I train on the track on Friday nights, and some Saturdays with York RaceRunning Club. I do the local Parkrun as often as I can and have been training indoors on my RaceRunner using a set of exercise pedals when the weather’s been bad.  I also get out and about in York for some long distance runs and invariably I get into conversation with someone about RaceRunning!

The best thing about training is raising awareness of RaceRunning as a sport. I’ve also been proudly wearing my CP Sport t-shirt when I’m out and about.

What time do you hope to achieve for the Manchester Half Marathon?

I have no idea! I haven’t been able to find any information about another RaceRunning athlete doing a half marathon. My 10k time is under 1 hour so I expect to complete it in under 3 hours. I’ll be really pleased if I get 2hrs 45mins.

What do you believe to be the biggest challenges/highlights in undertaking this challenge?

Just getting my RaceRunner to the start line will be a real challenge. I’m looking forward to challenging perceptions as I get out of my wheelchair and run. More people need to know about adapted sports.

Thank you to Mo for supporting our charity and you can support Mo by donating here