RAF Armament Engineering Flight – My Fundraising Story

The Royal Air Force’s (RAF) Armament Engineering Flight are currently deployed in the Falklands Islands to support the clearance of ordnance and land mines across the island.

Some members of the squadron nominated Cerebral Palsy Sport as their Charity of the Year during their deployment to the Falkland Islands and we caught up with them just after one of their incredible challenges they had taken on to raise funds for us.

Why do you want to take on the challenges to support Cerebral Palsy Sport?

The RAF Armament Engineering Flight always picks different charities that its members can help support during their deployment, often with ones that have a connection to them from home with either the location or with experience.

These different activities give the individuals the opportunity to challenge themselves physically and mentally whilst getting to explore different areas of the Falkland Islands they may not otherwise experience.

What type of challenges are you doing to raise funds for Cerebral Palsy Sport?

Members of the Flight have taken part in the “Falklands 3 Peaks Challenge” where they trekked over the battlefield sites and peaks of Mount Tumbledown, Two Sisters and Mount Longdon from the capital Stanley carrying a 45 lb rucksack.

They also took on the “Paras 10” race around Stanley – a ten mile run recreating one of the Airborne Forces selection events (with only a 35 lb rucksack this time!). Cerebral Palsy Sport has also been chosen as the latest charity for the “Minefield Signs Charity” where the warning signs cleared from the legacy minefields are sold for charity.

What does supporting Cerebral Palsy Sport mean to the Flight?

Several members of the Flight are from the Nottingham area where CP Sport is based and first heard of the charity after taking part in the Rushcliffe 10k. Seeing the work that the charity was carrying out left its mark and when the opportunity arose for a new charity to be selected, CP Sport was proposed.

We appreciate the opportunities for sport and adventurous training that the Royal Air Force affords us and realise how important that can be for our personal and professional development and would like others to have those same opportunities.

What difference do you hope it will make by supporting our charity?

Seeing that as little as £10 could give two children the chance to take part in a Sportsday has inspired the Flight to try and raise as much money and awareness as they can so as many children and young people as possible can benefit from the work that CP Sport do.

What are you enjoying the most about the challenges the Flight are taking on?

Visiting the battlefield sites from the Falklands Conflict has been a very humbling experience.

These events have also been great for the team-spirit within Armament Engineering Flight.

What do you believe to be the biggest challenges/highlights in undertaking these challenges?

The Royal Air Force recognises the benefits of sports and fitness and these events have allowed individuals to demonstrate their mental and physical robustness, for some achieving things they never thought possible.

It’s great to witness the pride and sense of achievement in someone who has just completed something they didn’t think possible and we would like as many people as possible to have the opportunity to do something similar.

This brilliant Royal Air Force team have raised over £450 for Cerebral Palsy Sport!

Thank you to every single member of the team for their incredible efforts and to the royal Air force for allowing us to share the story of these remarkable service personnel.

Thank You!