Thomas is 13 and has been involved with Cerebral Palsy Sport for about three years  now. Through his mum, Thomas went to a Cerebral Palsy Sport football event and had a wonderful time. He then asked how he could help raise some money and he had the chance to go along and be a young volunteer on a couple of the bucket collections at the Nottingham Arena. When asked why he got involved Thomas said “I wanted to help other children like myself who have cp to enjoy some fantastic sport like I have had the chance to do. It can make such a difference to how you feel about yourself.”

Thomas has done bucket collections for Cerebral Palsy Sport and has also run the Clough Taylor run on his RaceRunner. When asked what his most memorable moment has been he said “Collecting the most money at one bucket collections at the Arena and meeting lots of nice people who came and put money in my bucket. I also got to meet Robin Cousins!” He has also supported fundraising events this year whilst he has been injured and can’t do his RaceRunning.


We asked Thomas why he would recommend volunteering for Cerebral Palsy Sport, he replied “Just have a go at doing something you maybe like doing. You can make such a difference”

Being a young volunteer has really helped Thomas build his confidence as a little boy with cerebral palsy, he said “I didn’t often get chances like this to do something that made a difference. Now I love it!”

Thank you Thomas for the time you give!

Thomas - fundraising